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Ruckus ZD100: How to check users connected and disconnected time

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I am using Ruckus ZD1100. I have setted inactivity time out as 240 mins and grace time as 30 mins.

Still I am receiving complaints from my students as they are logged out in every few minutes. I have to prove that they are connected upto 240 mins. So I need to know the connected user start time and disconnected time.

How can I achieve this ?

Thank you,


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Instead of adding to a thread from 2015, please open new questions, thanks.

You can collect client connectivity logs from the Administer::Diagnostics page, select Client Association in the debug components.

After time, click Save Debug Info to collect the logs.  Analyze your logs on the Support site "Rowdy" tool:

You could also save the System Logs from the box below debug logs.  These show AP connectivity as well as client activity.

New Contributor II
where you can find disconnected users logs in controller ??
i am using zd 1200