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Ruckus ZD Hotspot External Server

New Contributor III
Hi, need assistance as we are deploying Ruckus ZD to integrate to an external server coming from the ISP. The portal page is now working but the post-authentication can't continue as there is problem and clients can't get through the internet. 
We've got a packet capture where the ISP mentioned to us that the ZD is not responding back to the external server. 
Also following ports are opened as per suggested by TAC: 8090, 8099, 8100, 8111, 9997, 9998, 80, 443.
Please see links for reference and your review:

New Contributor
Did you get a fix?

Esteemed Contributor II
I'm not going to look at some unknown information links... Maybe if you open a case with TAC, you can provide your ZD IP address, your HotSpot URL, etc please.