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Ruckus & Radius Server in Windows Server 2012

New Contributor II
Hi All,

I've plan to using Radius Server in Windows Server 2012.
I use 3 WLAN SSID that is :
- BOD (For BOD Access)
- Corporate (For the Employee using Notebook and access internal network)
- Guest (For Guest)

The Group Attribute are success to connect with roles+policies in Ruckus * Group Attribute in Windows Server 2012

- "Success! The user will be assigned a role of "Group Attribute AD-CBT". -
The Notebook Get the IP Address from DHCP Server , Gateway  and DNS IP
The Problem is :
When i connected with "Corporate" SSID, i still cannot ping server in internal network.
(Notes : I'm using Dynamic IP)

Please help for urgent condition, haha. thanks everbody


Valued Contributor II
Check that you really have proper corporate VLAN  on switch port, to which AP is connected.
If it isn't the problem, than:
Check traffic on AP (use Wireshark  capability in ZD diagnostic menu).
Check traffic on switch port (use switch port mirroring or monitoring feature.

Than you'll see where the communication is broken.

Do you have client isolation set to on? It may disable all communication between client and VLAN hosts before you create white list.

Hope it helps,

New Contributor II
Hi Elzens,

Thanks for reply my post.
There's no problem with VLAN Corporate ID, it was filled. and Client Isolation set to off
I'm using Windows Server 2012, and i try to build NPS for Radius Server.
Do you have any reference?

Thanks in advance,

Valued Contributor II
There is a Ruckus document about MS Server 2008 configuration, or may be even for 2012 if I remember correct. It is available on partner WEB. Have you consulted it?

New Contributor III
There are something I would check:
1)check ur devices which IPs it get, what gateway, subnet....
2)If they not get the right IPs, mean the configuration is not correct. Either server or ZD.
3)if device get the right IPs, you should check again with your VLAN.
I would suggest you upload some pics in here, so we know what it's going on.