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Announcement: Ruckus ZoneFlex 9.10 GA ( and Release Notes are published

Esteemed Contributor II
ZoneFlex 9.10 GA ( and Standalone AP build ( has been released for ZoneDirector and supported AP models.

As always, please refer to the Release Notes for details regarding this
release, supported APs, ZD upgrade path, new features, etc.

Wow I guess 9.9 was really a short lived release, only 5 weeks and no MR.

Valued Contributor II
It seems like 9.10 more or less is the MR. I guess it's a new version numbering scheme.


I would agree except for this:

"Officially Supported 9.10 Upgrade Paths

The following ZoneDirector builds can be directly upgraded to ZoneDirector build

• (9.9 GA)

• (9.9 GA refresh)

• (9.9 GA refresh)

NOTE: If you do not have a valid Support Entitlement, you will be unable to upgrade

ZoneDirector to this release. See Administer > Support page for information on

Support Entitlement activation.

Due to the enforcement of the Support Entitlement feature in ZoneDirector 9.10,

Ruckus recommends upgrading to 9.10 from one of the above 9.9 builds only.

You can also upgrade directly to 9.10 from one of the following 9.8 builds. However,

you will be prompted to reset to factory defaults before the upgrade can continue.

(This is not required when upgrading from 9.9 to 9.10.)

9.8 builds that can be directly upgraded to 9.10 (requires factory default):

• (9.8 GA)

• (9.8 Maintenance Release 1)

• (9.8 Maintenance Release 2)

If you are running an earlier version, you must first upgrade to one of the above

builds before upgrading to this release."

You basically have to go to 9.9 before 9.10 unless you want to reset config. This doesn't mention if you can do a restore, which I hope you can?

Valued Contributor II
I took that as coincidental, but yeah, it does double the amount of downtime to move to 9.10 from earlier releases.

I looked at 9.8.2 and you can upgrade even from 9.6.0 GA to 9.8.2 directly. It seems like Ruckus is just trying to reduce the range of backward compatibility, for one reason or another.

(Migration is a hard problem, and forcing everyone through the same supported paths is probably not a bad idea from a software engineering standpoint)