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Ruckus 1100: Guest pass generation

New Contributor II

I am working on zone director 1100 where i have configured an open network for guest access. I have made the authorization server as "Local Database" and the guest pass generation URL as (Zone director's IP). Though my client device gets connected to the open network, my browser would not take me to the redirected URL ..

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

New Contributor III
Hello Mayur,

With reference to your post, the Guest pass is generated usually by the network admin. The user's accessing a Guest WLAN are not redirected to the ZDIp/guestpass URL but directly to the page asking then to enter the Guest pass.
The only person who access the ZDip/guestpass URL will be the admin who creates the Guest pass. You will have to create a User on the ZD under local database and you will have to assign the appropriate Role to this user to generate Guestpass , this is done under Configure > Roles.

Kindly find below the link to access article that explains the setup of a Guest Network:

All the best.

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Hello Bitto,

Thank you for for the information provided. Yes, i am able to proceed till this step and a bit more too, but my concern is that if a guest/outsider enters our network where in he gets connected to the guest network (SSID: Guest_Ruckus) and gets an IP address for his device and later launches his web browser to go for a certain website, will he be directed to the guest pass page ?

In simple terms, if i get connected to the guest network and try accessing will i be re-directed to ruckus-device-ip/guestpass ?

If not, is there a provision to configure the same at the ZD level without any external server ?

Thanks in advance for your assistance


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I need the guest pass code please

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Hello Mayur,
Yes, anyone who connects to your Guest Access WLAN will be redirected to the Ruckus login/guest pass page. They will not have network access until they are authenticated.

Karyn, all ZoneDirector firmware has Guest Pass capabilities.