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Root-APs thinks he's a Mesh-AP resulting in Network Issues

Contributor III
Hello everyone,

yesterday i was on a customer site because of some network issues.
From time to time i lost 1 - 3 Pings within the whole Network.
I searched for the error an saw that a Switch Port with one of my Ruckus APs (T300) attached seems to be the bad guy.

I saw the AP was listed as a Mesh AP. But it has a cable Connection and should have been a Root-AP.
After configuring the AP to be a Root-AP with AP-Group Settings, network was stable again.

Any ideas?
Should i generally configure the Mesh-Mode (Root or Mesh AP) within my AP Group instead of leave the default Mode "Auto" to prevent this?

Please give any Feedback and/or experience.

Kind Regards

Contributor III
Additional Information:
I saw that the Network Port on the Switch was offline about 20 Seconds. Within this time the Ruckus AP searched for an alternative way. After the Network Port was back online again the AP did not changed from Mesh AP to Root AP and the "party" started. 😉

Valued Contributor II

switch port being up is not the right metric however you need to see if reachablilty back to controller is good and how good it is compared to the RF route picked by the AP when wired route was out,
also look at negotiation setting which should be set to default setting..

Contributor III
The AP was able to reach the controller without any issues (from Switch Perspective).
It is a 1Gbit/s cabled Network.
No other Devices on this Switch had any issues. I am monitoring the reachability of my controller and all of my Switches. No Outage. They had no issues. There where no connectivity Problems to the Controller. All other APs also had no connectity issues.

After i found the problematic Switch Port with the AP attached i disabled the Port. The Network was stable again. After enabling the Port, Network Problems came back again.

Disabling or Enabling the Switch Port did not changed the Mesh Mode of the AP.
APs was listed still as a Mesh-AP within my ZD GUI.
After restarting the AP the AP was listed as Root-AP again and my issues were gone.

Sure i think the Switch Port had an Problem. There must be a Reason, why the Port was offline for about 20 Seconds. This is because the AP looked for an alternative Route.
But the AP did not changed his Mesh State after the Port was online again. Disabling/Enabling the Port did also solve nothing. Only the Restart of the AP solved my issue.
So i asked me if this behavior is a bug, by design or just a faulty configuration from my side. I thought AP should switch to Root-AP Mode back if the Network Connection is restored.

Maybe there are things like Reccomendation using Manual Mesh Settings, Disabling RSTP on Switch, Known Bug, etc.

Once an AP meshes, my experience is that it will stay meshed since it will see an internet connection.  If your AP is hardwired I suggest disabling mesh on that specific AP.  Once you change the setting, the AP will restart and will only connect over the Ethernet.