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Roaming ZoneDirector 1200 and ZoneFlex R150

New Contributor III
Hi.. anyone how to know setting smartroam in ZoneDirector 1200?
I have case, if I use internet in "access point A" and then I will move to "Access Point B" for connecting internet in different place. My smartphone must be connecting again with enter the password again in "Access Point B". So I mean, I want to connect automatically in "Access Point B".

Contributor II
are your R510 (not R150) listed under  "Access Points"? then you set up a WLAN in "Wireless LANs" and put it in wlan group (Default). choose this wlan group for the accesspoint group, make sure all accesspoints joined the group, under "Radio Settings" choose the wlan group for 2.4 and 5GHz. I am sure that you have already done all this right.

i think you have (still) other accesspoints running with the same ssid, then your phone sometimes connect to that "Rouge" accesspoint, and because the passwort does not match, you will be asked for that. and vice-versa. make sure that no other accesspoint uses the ssid from the zonedirector. maybe you still have old wlan routers on the run

Valued Contributor II
SMARTROAM is a feature which is enabled by commands.
if all yours AP's are managed by controller and those AP's are showing as connected. You start your connection with SSID X at A location and you move to another location. AP at new location is broadcasting SSID X then you shall get auto connected ideally...
is there a problem you are looking at??