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Application Denial Policy

New Contributor III
Hello.. Can zonedirector block application in wireless network?
I mean, ZoneDirectior 1200 has function "Application Denial Policy" so the function is working?

Contributor II
To my knowledge, you can block ports and IP/domains, but have not messed with it a lot.Intelligence to block an 'app', that might simply use http[s] is a tricky business.. 
So you might wanna describe the reason a bit more..

I want to block website like youtube, facebook etc but it's not working when I connect internet in SSID from Access Point R150 (ZD 1200). I have a task to make policy in SSID. for example, limiting bandwith, blockir website.

New Contributor III
Hello, I haven't test that functionality in Ruckus products, but for my experience this kind of configuration only works when you use a browser because it is "easy" to block in this case, but when you use an application in your smartphone the app uses another ports, sometimes the ports changes and for this kind of thing you need to use an UTM.