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Redirect to home page

New Contributor II
Using a ZoneDirector 1100 I am managing an Intranet with WIFI. I would like the users to log on to the WIFI network (SSID and password) and once they are connect be directed to the Intranet's home page. This saves them having to type the URL. The web site itself has not authentication.

I am running the Intranet on Server 2003, IIS etc.

Thanks for any guidance.

New Contributor II
Thank you for your help Sid Sok,

If I can get this to wok this is what I need, many thanks.

New Contributor III
hello everyone,

i have the same issue. the option "redirect to the following URL" does not works. after authentication i need to redirect users to my internal web page.

this SSID does not have an internet access , so when users are authenticated , intended page will try to load , but when there is no internet access and this loading process is stucking. users can't determine whether they are authenticated or not. i need to avoid this process and force to load our internal web page

New Contributor
We have a similar problem, but in our case we want to do the LDAP authentication and then redirect the authenticated to our home page User. We do not know which parameters should return to the Zone Director (controller).