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Real Time Manage -Wireless Clients Monitor

New Contributor II
Hi everyone ! I have trouble with Wireless Clients Monitor in ZoneDirector Web Interface. The Applications and Applications Performance Chart are not run. I don't know why ! And two Widgets : Top 10 Applications by Usage and Top 10 Clients by Usage in Dashboard dont show anything. By the way, My ZoneDirector's Model is ZD1106, Version: build 59. Image_ images_messages_5f91c3de135b77e2478bd8b1_5bd05ae58cbf16fb263c55c9d933fbe8_RackMultipart20161124824916qua-5a9abed7-86a6-469f-bc97-36402008573a-1843877802.png1480006188Image_ images_messages_5f91c3de135b77e2478bd8b1_87e5b24e3391fba4ff1714e890b259bc_RackMultipart201611248884016xv-c8350b88-1b93-45d6-ba9f-1721fb4b079b-1940658797.png1480006200
Please help me out ! Thanks in advance ! 

I have the same problem, but is because i use the ZD in other LAN in a centralized form. If i use locally it works. 

thanks a alot ^^!

i found it, bro ! We just only need to enable 2 this features : Application Visibility, Client Fingerprinting. They are in Configure > WLAN > Advances Options 😄 

Hello, I have the same issue but I don't find Advances Options in Configure > WLAN

Note : I have a ZD3025 with v9.12.3.0 build 83

Could you show me where it is please ?