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Radius Passwords have to be re entered on iOS

New Contributor II
Every 1 or 2 weeks, the iOS Devices won't automatically connect to the Radius Authenticated SSID anymore. The users have to re select the SSID and re enter their Windows Passwords in order to make the phone connect again.

Is there some kind of password expiration setting?
We are using Microsoft NPS Server and Radius Zone Director build 216.

New Contributor II
Anyone? This is really annoying.

Contributor III
I think this is unlikely to be anything to do with the WLAN equipment as it is just a authenticator not the supplicant or the authentication server. Do you have this issue with other devices than just iOS devices? As far as I am aware RADIUS requires authentication on every connection regardless of time hence OKC & 802.11r. Do you just use credentials or also a certificate? 

New Contributor II

the devices are prompted for Domain Credentials and Password, and have to accept the Certificate Warning message. The certificate warning message however just appears when they connect for the first time.

Unfourtantly we are not using and Mobile Device Management Software in the moment, so I cannot import the root certificate for all devices.

A  few employees have private Androids and don't experience it. Must be a stupid iOS thing.