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AP Group with WLAN Group Override

New Contributor
I am experiencing an odd problem with the following config:

2 ssids
-Library (open)
-House (wpa2)

2 wlan groups
-Libray Group (SSID: Library)
-House Group (SSID: House)

1 AP group
-Lib ap group

2 APs
-Library ap in lib ap group
-House ap in lib ap group with wlan group override set to House Group

The APs are close enough to see each other and are wired to the same switch.

With this setup my lan is flooded with some sort of broadcast storm because I get timeouts within my lan.

I fixed the issue by creating a separate AP group rather than use wlan group override .

What is wrong with the first config? I do not understand why it is causing problems.

Any advise would be appreciated.

New Contributor III
What type of management for the AP that you are using? Unlease or controller or stand alone AP?

Esteemed Contributor II
To troubleshoot best would need WireShark and capture a sample of your LAN traffic to see what kind of broadcasts/multicasts are in use.

An AP Support Info file will show IGMP groups in use by your wireless clients.