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RUCKUS Virtual SmartZone - High Scale very slow (browser)

New Contributor

Hello, just started working at Bezeq in Israel, when connecting to SmartZone via browser, everything takes 1-2 minutes to load (with every button press). 
All the employees log in with one user. Could that be the problem? How can we make this faster?




Hi, Can you please check what is the version of your controller and then make sure the system has correct resource allocated. If this is done correctly next action would be to open a case with us to identify if any specific service or resource is taking too much of memory or CPU and accordingly provide a fix.

You can look into below for release note of your vSZ code :

You can reach us to open a case by below : 

Best Regards


@vineet_nejawala the version is, I just finished my CCNA and have no idea how to make sure the system has the correct resources allocated. Thanks for the reply!

@EZFlex96 @vineet_nejawala need to mention the company is very very big and we’re holding over 18k Access Points across the country. I probably wouldn’t know which system to check


Hi, best would be to open a case with us to help you guide on resource level as well as to check on controller CLI if any process is occupying too much CPU/Mem.

Please use below to open a ticket and one of our TSE would help : 

Best Regards