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R700 APs (previously connected) on remote subnet disconnected from ZD

New Contributor II
R700 APs on remote subnets show disconnected, although they are pingable by the ZD, have the correct ZD address (discovered by DNS name), and can ping and traceroute the ZD by both IP and DNS name.

I don't really understand why they are not connecting when all connectivity and address settings seem to be fine. In this particular instance with have 3 APs on a remote subnet and two of them show disconnected while one of them still remained connected. All have the exact same settings and are part of the same AP group.

you can clear sessions on in your firewall by using the session filter or clearing all sessions

Let me know if this helps.

New Contributor II
Keith, that was our problem, thanks for your post!

New Contributor
Thanks, I solved ending all sessions in Fortigate