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R500 not compatible with ac-7260

New Contributor II
Just installed zd1100 and r500s, worked ok when eventually got hold of relevant firmware. (new customer) Having problems connecting tosh with intel ac7260. Seems problem is to do with channelfly and .h messages. Works if select one channel as this disable channelfly. (tried on standalone unit). Been asked to manually set channel in ZD as test but need to check interference. Other option to set run stop time. Running build 101 and have downloaded build 108 but not sure if it includes any fix. First ruckus install so not overly happy.

Thanks Josh. 

So, the only Chromebook/Intel ac-7260 advice I found on the Internet was from UBNT and how to adapt their

In previous tickets, an Acer Chromebook troubleshooting case, says to avoid the 5G DFS /radar channels, and the customer

immediately saw improved performance.


If Ruckus can help, I've found a bug ER-3229, for Chromebook periods of not passing traffic or very low throughput (on R710),

awaiting further engineering feedback, with a target of ZD 9.12.2, SmartZone

New Contributor II
Reported problems with R500s about a year ago updated everything I could but still had problems with tosh laptops connecting. Problem still with us. If laptop does't connect then pupil walks down the corridor to another ap which connects and then returns to the classroom and all is well. On Friday I will check 7260 chip driver version and the d1100 and r500 versions. They don't have Chromebooks, all other devices connect ok.


Hi Trevor,

   It sounds like you might have an AP in a "stuck" state, perhaps due to interference, if clients are

unable to connect, but connect ok when roaming a short distance.  Can you also upgrade your ZD

to the latest for ZD1100s, which will have our latest bug fixes and performance

enhancements too.  Then if on Intel too, should be smoother sailing.

New Contributor III
We have the same issue where the AP first connects with the chromebooks and then when they go to sleep or drop for whatever reason, this same AP will not pick them back up again.  We have taken the AP off-line countless times and I am wits-end.  I will attempt to upgrade the firmware to the latest version and see what happens.  I am suspecting possible AP interference in the hallway where it is.

QUESTION:  Does the alignment of the AP make a difference?.... meaning mounted horizontally versus vertically?

Again I admit up front I have not used Chromebook personally, but previous advice about ac-7260 included disabling U-APSD/sleep mode.

Internet sources offer some user configuration, and mentions a "Keep Awake" extension from the Chrome Web Store for this purpose:

Ruckus indoor model APs (including R700, R300, R500, R600, R710) provide the best coverage in a Horizontal (flat) position.
Ceiling mount is good for floors above/below, but even sitting on top of a shelf or bookcase is ok.