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Question on coexistence of ZD1000 and ZD1200

New Contributor II
We have a client that has a 1000 with some old APs that are not supported in the new 1200.

He wants to be able to use both ZD controllers and maintain the networks apart. All new APs will connect to the 1200 all old will stay connected to the 1000. 

Would there be any problem with maintaining the same SSID with both sets of APs. They will use the same network underneath the same DHCP server and the same dhcp pool.

The idea is the the user will see only 1 SSID but will be able to roam between the different APs/Controllers.

I would imagine that there could be some channel issues but anything else ?


Contributor II
That should work just fine.  The only thing to be aware of is if you use any sort of controller bases authentication, webauth or wispr, each time a client roams between the two, they will need to re-auth. And the other thing is that each system will see the other system's AP as rogues, but beyond that it should work.


Contributor III
802.1x roaming would also be an issue as the AP's are the authenticator and its not straight forward for the clients, as they think they have a DHCP lease, but the AP is not aware that they have connected to the network; older ZD1000 will not support 802.11r so no BSS transition.

For these clients they need to manually turn their card on and off and reauthenticate, as you also dont have the "Force DHCP" option available on the ZD1000.

New Contributor II
Sid and Sean, Thanks for the answers.
The client will not be doing 802.1x or anything fancy. This would be for a convention center so the clients will connect with wpa passwords and just do internet access.. 

Based on your answers it looks like the solution to have both ZDs would work (as long as he does not do anything fancy..)