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Provisioning SSID - third party

Hello, I have a third party mobile BYOD provisioning system (FortiAuthenticator). I want new mobile users to connect to this wifi provisioning service and download the relevant 802.1x confguration applet for their particular OS.
So, is this the best way to do it ?
1: Configure a separate 'provisioning' SSID within Zonedirector for users to initially connect to i.e. no SSID authentication required. This SSID will use a hotspot redirect to my provisioning software URL. n.b. I notice in the hotspot settings, you have to enter an 'after user is authenticated redirect to URL that the user intends to visit'. I won't be needing this. All I want is an initial redirect to my provisioning server URL. Is it compulsory to enter this field ?
2. Once the user's mobile device is provisioned with the correct 802.1x config, they can then connect to my normal Zonedirector SSIDs for regular network access.