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Integration with FortiConnect on-boarding system ?

Hello, I am planning on using FortiConnect (Meru) for the purpose of on-boarding mobile BYOD devices. So, I want a user to connect to a Ruckus access point then be redirected to a FortiConnect (Meru) web portal to download 802.1x configuration files for their particular mobile device.
The actual 802.1x authentication can be undertaken by either Ruckus or FortiConnect. Is this system going to be feasible ?
Thank you for any advice. 

Contributor III
Provided that you have a ZoneDirector or SmartZone controller, or if the access point is Unleashed, it will work. If the access point is standalone, it will not.

Assuming you have one of the above management platforms (ZD, SZ, Unleashed), you could add Aerohive A3 (excellent, easy, affordable), Aruba Ckearpass (excellent, complex, less affordable) or Ruckus Cloudpath (less functionality, sometimes competitive price-wise). We do all 3 depending on the clients details and requirements. We used to do a lot of a Meru Connect. As the former #1 Meru partner in the US, I have experienced first hand Fortinet’s miserable support of our Meru end users. They’ve jacked prices and refusing to back down. They have fired all the Meru employees so there is no one inside who is even slightly skilled with Meru configuration and issues. They are investing zero in R&D and they are not maintaining or enhancing anything Meru. This applies to Meru Connect as well.

We have migrated almost all of our Meru customer base to Ruckus, Aruba, or Aerohive depending on the size and requirements. All 3 companies will do special deals with the partner to ease the expense of a migration.