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Procedure to replace failed ZD3000 in smart redundant environment

Contributor III
Hi Guys, we have 2 x ZD3000's working in smart redundancy setup. However, the controller that was the 'primary' (when I say primary I mean it was the one that had the 'real' licenses rather than the RDY licenses) has failed. We have ordered the replacement under watchdog support but I am looking for a procedure to restore service to a redundant environment. I have a backup from a couple of months ago but I know that we have been forced to make a couple of changes to the current active controller. Is it possible to migrate the current running config of the active controller to the replacement unit?


Contributor III
Hi All, just for reference this is the procedure:

Obtain your RMA replacement ZD from Ruckus along with new licensing
Apply licenses & upgrade/downgrade controller to match existing load
Set IP address for local controller
Make new controller live on network
Browse to new controller and add smart redundancy settings. Initiate connection
ZD will recognise config mismatch and ask if you:
A) Wish to push config to the active controller
B) Wish to pull config from the active controller
Obviously in this scenario you want to pull config from the active peer.