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Pls help: Zonedirector 1100 not able to access the web-based GUI dashboard

New Contributor II
I  am not able to access the web-based GUI but can login into my Zonedirector 1100 via SSH (Putty)

I have tried different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) but did not work, and here are the screen captures:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f7135b77e2478ff3d4_0d77155f49ecee7b58c11aea8c06ee32_RackMultipart201911221075551lg-4a9622fa-eaba-4e4b-ad5d-e199ece4741d-2145776780.png1574387265

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f7135b77e2478ff3d4_747799224cecbc4be6d7fdd24766b336_RackMultipart201911221114651kd-8605f190-1209-4b9b-86de-c6603eb09599-587322973.png1574387282

I also tried to reset the certificate and re-generate the private key using the following CLI commands:

Ruckus> en

Ruckus# config

Ruckus (config)# certificate

Ruckus (config-certificate)# restore

Ruckus (config-certificate)# re-generate-private-key 1024 

When I used PUTTY to connect to ZD1100, I got the following message:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f7135b77e2478ff3d4_3875ac27571c0ccffe85efb116d06696_RackMultipart20191122328791iom-57a9813b-1040-4fa8-b4ff-3b1599862c91-361934262.png1574387346

It seems that it has to do with the SSL certificate?

Anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks

New Contributor II
I used Firefox version 43 and successfully connected to the web-based GUI. Thank you very much for all for kind assistance. Much appreciated.

Now I faced another problem, I cannot upgrade the firmware from 9.5 to 9.7. I just submitted a support case (Case ID: 01003728) and hope the problem can be solved.