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Old ZD1100 on firmware

New Contributor
I have been asked to look at our churches ZD1100 as we are experiencing some intermittent connection problems and it seems that only one device (Apple Mac) can actually access the ZD1100 under the admin account.  The firmware is currently and it seems that the first thing I should do is at least update the firmware.  There are 4 APs currently in use.  Slightly concerned that the upgrade may cause problems and reading the forum it seems there is an upgrade path that needs to be followed to get to the latest firmware version.

Are there any pre-requisites that I need to do before attempting an upgrade.  I have no idea whether the church has a premium support package (doubt it).

Also, maybe I just leave it all as is as the problems we are experiencing are not massive issues...maybe apart from not being able to access the ZD1100 from only the one laptop!!

Thanks in advance for any advice and assistance.

New Contributor III
I believe that without premium support you cannot even download the latest firmware for the ZD (which also bundles the AP firmware).  If the gear is unsupported, it can be quite a process to get support back in place.

Esteemed Contributor II
Can you retrieve the firmware from this link Ken?  I think we decided to make it available to anyone as the ZD1100 recommended stable release that still supports 7962 / 7762 / 7025 model APs. 

You can upgrade to this release from 9.6.1.