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No Authentication SMTP

New Contributor
Would it be possible for Ruckus to implement SMTP with no authentication required? Currently I am not able to save email server configuration without inputting authentication, even tho I am able to send out test emails without it. This is a problem for us when we wish to point the SMTP server to our MX record which is a spam filter. Authentication does not get through the spam filter, and without it I cannot save the email server configuration. Also bogus credential don't work as I am not able to send test email without but can without it.

Contributor III

i had this issue on some Installations, too.
On some eMail Servers i was not able to use SMTP Authentication.

I have created an support Case by Ruckus and i asked if there is a way to add a eMail Server without SMTP Auth. Ruckus told me this is not possible/planned because of Security Issues.

But i also think it should be implemented and possible again to use eMail Server Settings without SMTP Authentication.

So i like your idea...

Best Regards