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NPS and ZD3000 802.1x

New Contributor
I setup NPS and ZD for 802.1x. I tested the authentication between the NPS and ZoneDirector and everything works just fine. But when I tried to connect the laptop to the WLAN I get "windows was unable to connect error" Any help will be appreciated. I have ZD3000 and R700

New Contributor II
I went through this configuration recently and in looking over the NPS logs, the process kept failing with an error 23, which everything I could find said pointed to a certificate issue.  I ended up purchasing a new certificate as outlined in the Ruckus NPS Configuration Guide.  I suspect the original cert I was using had some issue with the server name or other defect.  After installing the new cert, everything started working as expected.  Hope that's helpful.

New Contributor
Thank you, Jason. I will make I will look into the certificate that I am using and possibly buy another if need being.