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How to block sites in Ruckus WLAN?

New Contributor
In my college we use Ruckus ZoneDirector 1100 to control our entire network. I have separate WLANs for Staff and Student. This is working fine. What I need to be able to do is block Youtube and torrents access to students while leaving it accessible to staff (Staff WLAN). Is it possible to do this?

Valued Contributor
Since no one has given a categorical answer I'll wade in.

Ruckus ZD is not a firewall or proxy. It does not filter websites by url or ip. It is not intended for blocking sites such as Youtube or torrents.

You can throttle clients bandwidth and limit access to WLANS by schedule. Not quite what you had in mind.

For specific blocks you will need to use a proxy filter, group policy (domain clients logging in via windows) from a server, hardware firewall or some other 3rd party tool.

New Contributor
Thanks... appriciated