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Moving to new ZD1100 , 7363 AP firmware not updating

New Contributor
We have had problems with our ZD1100 ( build 23) so acquired another ZD1100 ( build 15). unit. The new ZD was manually  setup identically and the original turned off. The access points were set to approve and we could see them on the new ZD. However because of the differences in firmware the 7363 APs  tried to update but kept failing with the following messages on the AP logs :- 

687 apmgr, Failed to get Image Response messagae and reboot
rsmd, stops APMgr and reboots AP later.

AP04 daemon.notice Firmware Daemon[619]: working|control file download problem
AP04 daemon.notice Firmware Daemon[619]: working|looking up control server IP
AP04 daemon.notice Firmware Daemon[619]: working|reading control file
AP04 user.warn kernel: ieee80211_check_dfs_state: ignoring scan request as vap 14 is in DFS run state AP04 daemon.notice Firmware Daemon[619]: failed|control file download problem AP04 local2.err syslog: Firmware update error. AP04 local2.err syslog: Proceed to RESET state from IMAGE state, no resp after 15 re-transmits
Although the AP has the same ip address that it has before, ZD will not allow me to edit the settings to put Subnet and gateway. I am not sure if the APs get the firmware update from the ZD or over the internet? We do not want to upgrade the firmware on the original ZD1100 as it is temperamental and we cannot be without wifi for very long. Is it possible to downgrade the firmware to the same level as the original so that the APs do not need to update? An suggestions as the best way to proceed? Many thanks

Esteemed Contributor II
Theoretically (according to DevEng), APs should be able to upgrade to any version the ZD they connect to is running, upward or downwards.

If you can test by factory defaulting one of your APs, try installing the equivalent 7363 version of 9.8.2 standalone code,

and give the AP a 'set director ip a.b.c.d' to point it to your ZD's address afterward, and does this help?

And FYI, for your ZD will have more bug fixes and enhancements than 9.8.2.