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Monitoring client numbers, etc

I'm not quite sure when I started getting annoyed at this, but some recent upgrade has stopped my monitoring of client numbers, data sent, etc, etc from happening when I am not logged into the Web UI. In order to watch the 5-minute interval of users, I am having to press "Start Monitoring" - I've never pressed Stop, so I wonder why it Stops of its own accord (maybe whenever I log out?)

I found it quite useful to log in and be able to look at client numbers 40 minutes ago, now that data is not being recorded on the graphs and I can only press "Start Monitoring" and monitor it from this moment forward.

Is there some place where I can switch on that type of monitoring permanently? I don't mind if it deletes old stuff, but being able to look back a few hours is SO useful.


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Hi Martin,

The Real Time Monitoring tool provides a convenient at-a-glance overview of performance statistics such as CPU and memory utilization, number of APs and clients on the network, and number of packets transmitted.

Like the Dashboard, you can drag and drop Widgets onto the Real Time Monitoring page to customize the information you want to see.

Select a time increment to monitor statistics by (5 minutes, 1 hour or 1 day) and click Start Monitoring to begin. Note that because the Real Time Monitoring process itself consumes a small amount of system resources, it should be used as a general overview tool rather than a precise measurement. Actual resources used (CPU and memory utilization) will be lower when Real Time Monitoring is not running.

NOTE: Real Time Monitoring should be closed when not in use, as it can impact Zone Director performance. By default it will be running if it is not stopped manually.

Zone director is much know as management device[Controller] with some capability of monitoring.
Flex-Master is the Ruckus Software which can be used for management, monitoring and reporting stuff. Click the below link to learn about Flex Master.

I hope it is helpful

Thanks Harish. Nicely explained.

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you should find a linux script that will pull "number of clients per AP" info.
There is also some info re: logging that info to a file, scheduling this process and then pulling "reports". (viewing the text of the logs)
If you put it all in place, you should be able to see the number of clients on your controller and number of clients per AP with as much history as you want.

If you have any questions re: using it, let me know.