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Map View needs development work

New Contributor II
With Chrome not supporting Java, and Firefox 64-bit not supporting Java, I think its time for Ruckus to invest a little time in updating this tool to meet new browser standards.   I'm currently watching a little waiting icon in Internet Explorer, and my map is not coming up. The default map comes up, but when I click on another map, the wait icon just spins.  Running 9.12.2.  This applet hasn't changed much in the last 4 years.  In Firefox 32-bit, the delete icons went missing also.  
I do find the mapping tool handy, so I can at least find APs, so I would hate to see it get thrown out, but it is broken.

When can we expect a new map tool or at least a java webstart?

Hopefully this is something that'll be fixed in version 10 of the firmware. No idea if that's the case but the depreciation of Java in all the major browsers makes me really hope something is already being done. Ideally the whole Map View is replaced by an HTML5 equivalent that requires no external plugins

New Contributor
Would like to throw my support at this request too.  An HTML5 version of the map would really brighten up my day.

I really, really don't want Java near my computers.

Contributor II
I'll add my support for this. I have written off using the map for the past few years. 

New Contributor

Just updated to latest version and installed a bunch of new R610s and still the map is totally useless. Have asked my support contact but he is no wiser.

Come on Ruckus, such a great product but how hard can it be to get the map working.