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MESH for stand alone APs

Valued Contributor
How about now that Ruckus is moving into SMB market, you enable MESH feature on stand-alone APs too. Tying this to a ZD IMO is a function of driving ZD sales than anything else.


- ZD is part of the management and control plane not access
- I can't remember the last time we implemented a MESH network for a big client, like a hotel or something but
- Big majority (talking from my experiences here) MESH requirements are for very small implementations of up to 3 APs which makes a ZD sale hard and usually causes a purchase of some other cheap vendor
- There are other more prominent features a ZD brings to a network, like: band-steering, coordinated channel allocation, logging, graphical speed tests, real time monitoring, zero-it, etc, etc, etc, so MESH really isn't a feature that makes a sale at all.
- You've got the R300 now which is the first AP that doesn't support MESH so selling a ZD because of MESH isn't an option.

I would say that sales of ZD wouldn't suffer a bit since there are other easier reasons for selling a ZD and I would rather sell stand-alone APs now and maybe a ZD later, then loose an opportunity because of pushing for a ZD at the start.

New Contributor
Is it possible to use Mesh without ZD? For example only 2 AP, one wired (root AP) and other one AP with Mesh.


Sorry, I thought I was clear with my request.

You can't have MESH functionality without a ZD and here I'm asking them to enable it so you can.

New Contributor III
I agree on all points.... would be very nice to have for smaller residential deployments.