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Is there any limitation of number of users on ZD5000 when it have license for 100 AP ́s?

New Contributor III
I need the solution for the scene when I have 60 AP (7762) for about 10000 users.

Any idea?


Valued Contributor II
Hi Alejandro,

Have you visited our High Density page and looked at the Library documents there?

Quite a few variables to take into account for these complex environments.

Valued Contributor
I've found that usually a maximum of 20% of users are actually on a WLAN at any given time. So I would consider 2000 users for calculations. If then you take that each AP can take at least 250 users and you have 60 APs it means you've got a 15000 user budget there.

Just don't forget to disable non OFDM and raise BSS minimum rate IF applicable. Depends on the environment, but you could go to up to 24Mbps minimum bss rate.

And if APs are condensed in one location, like a stadium, use directional antennas.

New Contributor III
My point of view of the question is based on the limitation of ZD3000 about number of users when it have a license up to 250 AP,s (5000 users).
Is there the similar limitation for ZD5000?

Thanks in advanced

Valued Contributor II
That count is a systems limitation based on DPSK and un-related to the license count you may have installed.