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IPTV project suggestion

New Contributor III
I am a student dorm manager. I have a project about
distrubute tv signals (DVB-S) over wireless. I have a workstation to encode the signals to lower bitrate and also I bought 2 piece Ruckus 7982 with ZD 1100 a few years ago. That dorm capacity is 100 max. All clients are wireless users with tablet or smartphones. Is it possible to give a healty signals over wireless. I choosed my network equipment for suitable to IPTV and IGMP with  strong APs. My network switch is EX3200 - Juniper Networks. Is there an experienced user to lighten my way to go ?
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The plan seems feasible.  For best Wi-Fi coverage, put 7982s at opposite sides of alternate floors (not 4 directly on top/bottom of each other on all floors).  Spreading them that way, will give clients at least 2 closer APs, regardless of floor.

Thanks for the reply after 3 years 🙂