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Access points all showing disconnected - WiFi network not there

New Contributor

Our Ruckus WIFI network is not visible. Logged into Zone Director and found that all APs are showing disconnected. Event logs are displaying a disconnection message for the APs around 1:25 PM on yesterday. We Restarted the POE switch that the APs are connected to but it failed to reboot. We plugged the APs into a new Switch on which the ZD1100 is plugged into but they are still showing disconnected.  The wifi network is still not visible and we are unable to ping any of the APs. Does the zd1100 have a discovery utility so we can determine if the AP IP addresses were assigned statically? I say this because we were having some issues with our dhcp server.   Entire wifi down Please Help!! 😞  Thanks much 🙂

New Contributor
Have you rebooted the 1100 yet?


I would connect one AP to laptop via a poe injector and factory reset it to get access to it. Once you have a working AP, plug it in the network and look into your switch for its MAC and the same in your DHCP server. It should find the ZD and get the config and get going.

If you have DHCP issues, then assign static IPs to the APs... but that would be tedious. (via manually reseting them)

Management VLAN is another issue you have to look for. After a reset, the management is done through the native VLAN, i.e. untagged, while client traffic might go to tagged vlans.
You switch should be able to tell you what vlan the mac address of your AP is on. So see if they are placed on the proper management vlan.

Some switches may have a security feature, where they see that the client (ap in this case) is not getting a DHCP response and they block it, thinking the DHCP server is rejecting it based on its security settings.

OK, I rambled on eough 🙂

Step 1: get your DHCP server going ok, or use the one in your switch.
Step 2: check to see if the MAC of the AP is on the proper management vlan and the port is not blocked. If everything looks ok, the dhcp server should know what ip it gave to that mac. Also an arp lookup may also reveal the ip this mac got. if things don't look ok, then reset the AP to factory default and see above.
Step 3: now that ap has a known address, you can ssh into it and tell it where the ZD is. See ruckus cli. Also make sure your dns contains an entry zonedirector and its IP.