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I want to create 3 SSID with separate 3 VLAN like Cisco WLC is it possible in Ruckus Zone Director.

New Contributor

My present setup is like that my Zone Director and AP and same VLAN and i have 3 SSID, all are getting IP address from DHCP same pool which i configured for that VLAN. Now I want to create 3 seperate VLAN for that 3 SSID and map with the same like Cisco WLC. 

Contributor II
yes, just specify the VLAN ID in the Advanced section of the WLAN configuration.

For an exact like-for-like replication of Cisco's setup, turn on 'Tunnelling' on all the SSIDs so all the traffic will egress out of the controller and not ouf of the AP.

New Contributor III
Just like Andrea says you can also group your WLANs and APs into different groups so that in certain areas only certain WLANs are visible. Our venue routes all traffic (c. 8 SSIDs) through the ZD but with a lot of traffic I'd suggest a ZD 3000+.