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I upgraded the zone director from 9.2 to 10.1

New Contributor
Good day, can you please assist. I upgraded the zone director from 9.2 to 10.1 and if I do the restore for 9.12 I get an error that the file is not supported. How can I restore the bak file from 9.12 to 10.1.

New Contributor II

Please download build 75 from ruckus portal before upgrade please check associated access points are  supported or not.

also check service entitlement for controller.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Gugla,

An upgrade from x version to supported y version is supposed to carry over configuration also. No need to restore separately!
Backup and Restore will work in a scenario when admin made a mistake in config and want to start over with last known good config, then admin can factory reset the ZD and restore a last-known good backup. It is not designed for restoration across different version of firmware after upgrade.



RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Gugla,

Before upgrading a ZD you should read the release notes and check the version compatibility.

For 10.1.0 GA

9.12 was not a supported upgrade path to 10.1.  This means the configuration of 9.12 cannot be converted directly to 10.1 so an intermediate version must first be used.  This was why your ZD factory defaulted when upgrading.

The backup restoration is under the same limitation due to data base migration.  You can only install a previous version of configuration backup that falls in the upgrade path. 

The only way to restore your backup is to downgrade to 9.12, 9.13, 10.0  (which is in the upgrade path), restore the backup taken in 9.12 and then you can follow the upgrade path to the version of code you wish to run.  You only need to choose the oldest version of minimum code level for the new code as intermediate version to upgrade from the unsupported version.  Always choose the version of code with the highest third digit as these indicate Maintenance Releases and will have the most code fixes.  9.13.3 is the third Maintenance Release and is better to use the 9.13.0 (GA), 9.13.1 (MR1) or 9.13.2 (MR2). Check all the previous version release notes to find the least number of intermediate upgrades.

I hope this information clears up your issue.