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HtH: ZoneDirector - Setting Up Web Authentication with LDAP

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Thanks for the instruction.
I have a question. I configure it on Smatzone. When I test LDAP server, it show: Primary server: Success!. But when I login via hotspot and authenticate via LDAP, it won't let me connect, only show login failed. Please advice. Thank you.

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Hello community.

I have a problem, when the client tries to log into LDAP, the portal shows an error saying "system busy, please try again".


We are thinking that the problem could be the port that is be blocked by the firewall, but we don't have access to the firewall to see the port, and we can't find the port through the forums.

We have configured the no-proxy like this


We appreciate your help.

Hi @Isai_Roa 
The default port for the LDAP is 389. However, have you checked the below points:
1. Is the AP connected to the Controller and showing "Up-to-date"?
2. Login to the AP CLI and ping the controller and LDAP server to see if there is any delay or packet drops.
3. Try rebooting the AP once.
4. You can also try to use Proxy instead of "Non-Proxy" and check.