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How to remove approval pending status on Zone Director?

New Contributor II
I have a network with 2 zone directors. Some of the aps are managed by one of two zone directors, other aps are managed by the second zone director.
But, I have 4 aps who are managed by a zone director, status connected, but on the second zone director are showed as approval pending.

How can I remove these approval pending status ?


Valued Contributor II
Hello Alejandro Mendez,

You can easily remove those AP in approval pending state. Take a look at the URL below, just select the AP's in approval pending state in the list & delete and you shall be good. Screenshot is just indicative.

Note: Once your other ZD reboots or is not reachable for AP's connected to it at the moment you may have same issue again btw.

To have permanent solution where you don't have to repeat this again and again then please check below post