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Hotspot web server setup

New Contributor
I'm trying to setup a Hotspot with a set of custom landing/login pages.

I want authentication on the SSID to be open but restrict access to a set of captive portal pages (including the login) until authenticated.

In the documentation (http://a030f85c1e25003d7609-b98377aee...) it states a web server is required, but it doesn't specify if that web server can be outside of the LAN which the ZD is on.

I've set it up externally and have the login page redirecting to there where I collect email address and then would like to authenticate the user with the ZD.

However using the Northbound interface creates issues;
1. I cannot process the data server side and make a request to the sip value provided as that IP is not valid outside of the LAN
2. I cannot make a client side request to the sip value as it does not allow cross domain access

Am I working this from the wrong angle and can anyone point me in the right direction to achieve what I am trying to do?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Andy,

It seems you wish to employ our HotSpot WLAN feature, allowing for your
customized login page and external authentication/redirection, etc. It sounds
like you have most of this configured already. The sip address needs to point
to your ZD's real IP, inside of the POST that's returned. Please contact Tech
Support for further focused assistance, but what you request is certainly

New Contributor
Was there more of a solution provided to this query?

Esteemed Contributor II
The external HotSpot solution, allows for customer designed login portal, versus the built-in Guest Access or WebAuth options native to the ZoneDirector.

We have a fairly detailed Tech Note on WISPr/HotSpot that I hope you find helpful. 

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Hi Michael, 

I could not access this link: " "

Can you share these file to me via email. I really need these file. 

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Thank you so much!