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zero-it portal does not work in 9.8

Running 9.8. on my ZD 1100. The portal where an employee can type in their u/n and pw does not work in Chrome or on an Android phone we tried. It accepts the u/n and pw, but then just blinks and returns to that same login page. No file is downloaded.

Any ideas?

New Contributor II
I'm having this same error with IE 10 on a PC, Safari on a Mac and Safari on an iPAD as well.

Any one have any ideas?

Me too. Support remoted in and then told me this feature was broken in 9.8. He turned on the guest pass feature as a workaround. I wish they'd fix the zeroit.

New Contributor
Is this fixed yet.
About to upgrade some ZoneDirectors for a school and ZeroIT is critical - because they literally have no IT staff!!

New Contributor III
The problem is the with the HotSpot service - I had this too. Raised a support ticket and Ruckus Tech logged in remotely and made some changes and achieved same functionality. Not sure if the original problem has been fixed though - but Ruckus know about this and they know how to workaround it too!