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Hi there - VLAN in my ZD 1200 - 1 for my users and 1 for my devices

New Contributor II
Hi there - in my ZD 1200 I need to set my VLAN so all my AP have the sam IP as my ZD1200 but all my users must have there own IP adresse in a other VLAN - where can I set this in ZD1200

Valued Contributor II
if i understand you want to have your wireless users should get IP from a specific VLAN and you are looking for place on the controller which helps you achieve it

ZD GUI --> configure --> WLANs --> Select WLAN ---> Edit -- Advanced settings --> Access VLAN.

access VLAN is where you need to enter VLAN ID from users will get IP from.

Make sure you trunk the port to which AP connects on the switch.