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ZD 1200

New Contributor III
Hi all ,
I have wireless network contain ZD1200 and R310 , this the first time I deal with Ruckus devices , I configure ZD 1200 ,R310 trying to connect to ZD 1200 but this message appear :

" 2016/06/08 10:23:02 Medium Model[r310] is not supported; connection request from AP[1c:b9:c4:02:0b:d0] refused "

any help please ??!

New Contributor III
Is there any Image I have to install to ZD 1200 ??

Valued Contributor
What firmware is on your ZD at present?

Latest available is (release notes say R310 is supported). 

Newer firmware drops support for older devices so must read release notes before installing. If you only have R310 then looks okay.

Valued Contributor
R310 support page lists 9.12.2 as only firmware so anything lower on your ZD and it will not be able to control it.

In general
ZD and APs must be at same firmware to work with each other.
After upgrade of ZD will be followed by connected APs upgrading to same firmware.
ZD upgrade circa 15mins
AP upgrade circa 5mins per unit

always read release notes!

New Contributor III
Thank you :)

I have already used ( !! does it work ??