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Hi all. Please advise how to block a website (YouTube/FaceBook, etc) on a Ruckus ZD1112 ZoneDirector?

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Website access restriction required.

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Unless I've missed the feature in the last 4 years of usage this is not something you can do with a ZD.

It configures your APs, creates WLAN, allows/restricts clients, allocates bandwidth and frequencies, schedules and numerous other useful bits but upstream Internet sites is proxy/webfiltering stuff not ZD.

There might be some highly creative workaround...but that's for the clever folk to comment on.

I solved by using filtering at DNS level. In particular, I'm using openDNS free service that allows fine-grade blocking or preconfigured filtering at DNS level without any fee.
On the ZD you have only to change the DNS IP to
Best Regards

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Thanks Max. Much appreciated.

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IF these feature is included than it would be surely of a great sell value . BUt than it will increase complications in the device and Ruckus would need additional expertise for the Firewall Features . this could change the focus form Wifi . Hence I feel that Ruckus should continue to do its work on Wifi only .