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Help with ZD1125 firmware issues

New Contributor II
I have an older setup with a ZD1125 controller with 16APs. It is currently using software build 38 however I am trying to update the firmware. The check server link will not work (the network is pretty locked down) so I have been trying to download img to upload to update however none seem to work. I have tried zd1100 9.8.3 and img files but they either dont upload or say that the img is incorrect. The ZD1125 controller does not seem to be listed anywehre on the ruckus site (I know it is past end of life but it is as if it never existed) Can anyone help? I can not figure out what image I should be looking for or where to get it. 

Hi Martin,

It's under EoL products in ZD section. Very bottom of the page.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c456135b77e247a317cb_418ca3b302b883eac3ff9c37d9d339ce_RackMultipart201904101117461le-ffc88c28-2f6c-4467-887f-c23456f6effe-1719665674.png1554919124

Make sure you read the product release notes to follow the upgrade path.


New Contributor II
Thanks for that. I didn't realise I would need to download one step per build essentially. Unfortunately, it would seem that the next step i need to take from build 38 is to zd1k_9. but even that image is coming back as not a valid image. Can I confirm that the 1125 is under the 1100 family as it's phrased in the support section? 

Yes, the ZD1100 comes in 1105, 1112, and 1125 (AP support) models.  Be sure you take a Backup of your current ZD Configuration, and label the file with in the filename, in case you ever need to downgrade back to this version.

If you really have original ZoneFlex firmware, you can try upgrading to or releases.

New Contributor II
That has done it. Have to go step by step. Thanks for your help