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Guestpass email shows from address as Ruckus ZoneDirector

New Contributor III
Guestpass email shows from address as Ruckus ZoneDirector < I can change the, but can I change the Ruckus ZoneDirector portion of the address to something else? If so where is this done?

I would like to be able to change the label Ruckus ZoneDirector sent with the Guest e-mail that shows

From Ruckus ZoneDirector <>

to something that doesn't show what type of device it is, even though when the user receives  the e-mail, users could assume what the device is.  If I could change it to something like HelpDesk Phone# <> that would be helpful

I also need this. In general the whole guest pass customer experiance should be able to be modified. English is not the ony language used in the whole world ... 🙂

Esteemed Contributor II
When greater customization is desired, the HotSpot solution offers your login page and authentication server, over Ruckus provided Guest Access.

I understand that i could go to an external hotspot solution but the internal solution is perfect for enterprise sites except for the fact that we cant change the text in the windows.. seems to me that this would be a welcome option for those of us that do not have english speakers as our users......

New Contributor
Hi all, any update about the option to change the displayed name on email sent to guest users?