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Guest Access Change the Web Authentication

New Contributor II
Dear All,

I have a question,please support me about this.

My customer wants to change the Web-Authenticattion/Captive Portal for the Guest Access and when enable Captive portal function by their web authentication (default is ruckus screen). Can we change this log in page?

thanks! Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e4135b77e2478ce7eb_cd50ff795bb4d6706d397cccd70b934c_1_inline-93c21212-1d34-470c-9d26-0edf57107c2c-1517732147.JPG1396349783

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This is probably the top item on my wishlist - more extensive customization of the login pages, including guest access.

New Contributor
I had also raised the same concern here:

New Contributor
I'm a new user with Ruckus but it is a valid request to customize the Guest login with corporate colors for example. 

Any news about it? It was 3 years ago and in the top says "UNDER CONSIDERATION"

New Contributor
Same here. Ruckus Unleashed running in a Design Agency, and they are really not happy with the looks of the Guest Login page. Even I, as a non-designer, think it's pretty ugly and outdated, design-wise.
I looked at having a custom HotSpot page, but these require a login (ie user AND password), and we want just a guest password. 
So..+1 vote here.

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+ 1