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Get CLI config files of ZD ,like cisco's show run

New Contributor II
I want to use a cli like cisco's 'show run' to get the cli configuration. And then enter this configuration to a new deivce by CLI.

I know the show config, but it is not a kind of CLI command. 't re-enter the output of "show conf" to restore a config.

Valued Contributor II
The ZoneDirector stores it's config in a database that you can back up then selectively restore (e.g. Configuration only) via the WebUI. Is doing it at the command line a must?

Thanks for your reply. Yes, if it support backup cli configuration could be better.
You means ZD does not support this feature?

Esteemed Contributor II
Neither ZoneDirector nor Standalone APs have a complete text configuration file backup/restore capability. You can script some CLI configuration of common settings or WLANs, but not a full backup/restore file.

You can save a configured ZoneDirector backup file, and install it on a new ZD,
leaving that ZD's IP address and login credentials, in order to "clone" another/new
ZD with an existing/working configuration, which is sometimes helpful. This is
done thru the ZoneDirector WebUI too though, not a CLI method.