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Downgrade ZD 3050 from 10.1 to 9.13?

New Contributor II
We recently upgraded from 9.12 to 9.13. Then from 9.13, to 10.1, of course failing to realize that the firmware of our APs wouldn't be able to upgrade. Now, APs we're plugging back in are throwing the event "Failed to upgrade [AP NAME] image from to" My question is now - how do I get back down to 9.13? Thank you! 

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi James,

When you upgrade a ZD a copy of the previous version configuration should have been saved.  You should be able to downgrade back to the exact same version of code you were running before the last upgrade, ie 9.13.  If you need to go back any further (9.12.2) the ZD will get factory defaulted when downgraded and you would have to restore a configuration backup taken before upgrade. 

When you upload the previous version of code it will let you know if you can gracefully downgrade (ie previous configuration exists) or if the ZD will be factory defaulted, with the option to cancel the upgrade.

Hope this helps,

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Albert, thanks so much for the reply! I do have the previous version configuration file. Should I just use the image file for 9.13 (zd3k_9. that I had downloaded previously in the Upgrade page ( Where in the web UI would I apply the old configuration?

Or... is there a way to manually update the APs that aren't working from 9.12 to 9.13?

Crossed with this question and my answer below - Basically - NO
The ZD requires a specific version of AP code that is included in the ZD firmware and automatically updated to all AP's when the ZD is updated.