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Disable 2.4 on single SSID

I feel like this should be easier, and something in the WLAN config, but I'm not seeing it.

On one SSID I need to completely disable the 2.4GHz band. I already have a WLAN group called "no 2.4" that I use to reduce the number of APs running 2.4GHz to avoid overlap (it's a dense deployment). That works fine to fully disable the band. I just add an AP to that group, and the override in that group simply disables the 2.4 radio.

How do I now globally disable 2.4 JUST FOR ONE SSID?

This is a setup using a ZD-1200 on 10.2.

Contributor III
I believe the SSID config and the radios are controlled just as you said, by using different WLan Groups per radio.

Here at work, I have a 2G and a 5G policy, with high priority SSIDs only published to the 5G WLAN group.

so you'd need to re-enable the radio, publish your SSID to a new Wlan Group, and possibly selectively publish to the APs without channel overlap.

I hope that helps!

I've got something wrong as it seems like I'm just disabling all 2.4GHz with my attempt. I have to start over, something is off with my logic on this.

so I have two SSID groups, each with an SSID called "Find Me", which I've added to each of the WLAN Groups below.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c480135b77e247abf2b4_9dee47c353c6427baa3ef069d4629bcf_RackMultipart20191212925611go2-3dcef64b-2552-4a81-8f6e-5a178e02dd7f-914785613.png1576177955

Now on my test AP, "BwayNoc AP1" I've got my fresh AP groups selected.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c480135b77e247abf2b4_ac1cdfe925b7f4549ba03d8f93d529c6_RackMultipart2019121294972myns-356ba0c0-2516-4001-8b3a-df0a2920f153-1740419266.png1576178374

And here is how I have the adjacent (AP 4,) AP programmed.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c480135b77e247abf2b4_e9c21b96ff5b16823935b8cf605b2071_RackMultipart20191212691447cl3-a9420993-79e3-434e-b26d-a337ed70db71-1427489835.png1576178412

assuming of course that AP4 would fall too close to AP1, and need its radio turned completely off.

I may be missing the point though, so don't hesitate to call me out if I'm not "getting it".



I need to screenshot everything and reply back, but basically what I had was close, but doing the opposite of what I wanted. Circling back to the thread when I've got some breathing room. 🙂