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Device Access Policy does not have Chrome OS devices listed

New Contributor III
We are trying to create a device access policy to limit a WLAN to only school Chrome OS devices. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that Chrome OS devices are listed in the OS/Type filter for Device Access Policy. Chrome OS devices are listed when viewing clients currently connected to our WLANs, so it seems this is an omission to the list rather than the ZoneDirector being unable to read Chrome OS devices.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e0135b77e2478c2506_38443ce084ad32543ebd0e2aaeb696a9_RackMultipart201605311062176qu-9b7de14f-d059-4bfa-864c-6feef8cf1452-899619412.png1464721776

We are on a ZoneDirector 3100, firmware build 14.

Esteemed Contributor II
Not likely to see further development of this feature in 9.8 code.

Valued Contributor
I'm running build11 and chrome OS is a choice in drop down menu (screenshot below).
So update will give you the feature.

Warning: upgrading your firmware needs really careful thought with respect to legacy/EOF devices.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c41d135b77e24796e45f_491a0252d9d5c7220aac0410bd016fdb_RackMultipart2016060874135q72r-3a6f1744-c4dd-487d-ad8a-9c5d0a5d1762-2091363265.jpg1465383619

Valued Contributor
If you are willing/have time to experiment you could try creating a policy that denies all OS/type and see if chrome OS stills works...just a wild thought!

Image_ images_messages_5f91c41d135b77e24796e685_698a3887ebef36358f2cd7c5f6a477df_RackMultipart201606085764515ve-a3a3dab4-be31-468b-ba65-912dd79ea435-1191205252.jpg1465384240

New Contributor
We are doing the same thing. We found that restricting Android also caught Chrome devices.
Ruckus support told us to upgrade to Ver and Chrome would be listed.
Note: Chrome OS must be at Ver 50.xx or above.