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New Contributor III
Do you know, how to setting authenticaton email server?
I mean, I have a SSID then user only connect to SSID with using email company. So if someone doesnt have email company, they can not connect to SSID.

New Contributor III
The zone director does not use email as an authentication database.  You can use LDAP, Radius, Active Directory  and TACAS+.   

If you use Active Directory  users can use there email address as their username . You can restrict access to WLANs by roles.  If all email users belong to a group that no other users are members of then you can  assign the AD group  to a role.

How I see this working the best way is for you to use ZeroIT on the WLAN with AD as the AAA source. Have an open WLAN for on boarding devices which has no access to any other resources.

Hope this helps

New Contributor III
Hey shane.. do you have a link for step configuration on this ruckus?

Now, I use guest access portal to monitor user that is connecting in my network.

New Contributor III
No I  do not have a link sorry.  I have deploy a large number of ZoneDirectors   a d have limited access to different SSID's based on group membership.

I may have miss understood your requirements. 
Is this for guest users or for employees.?

If it is for employees them what I stated previously applies.

If it is for guest users then enabling self enrolment where they need to be approved for access via email can be done.

I use auth Active Directory for employee