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Configuring a ZoneDirector 1100

New Contributor II
I want to configure a zonedirector 1100 controller, I tried to connect it to my laptop via Ethernet cable, it is my first time to do it, but now the problem is I cant see it on my network infrastructure...where I will be able to configure it. I even tried to browse it using the default IP address still I cant see it, now I don't know what to do.

Can you please assist me from how I connect it to the configuration

Thank you

Valued Contributor
My first quick thought is that you have to
change the IP of your laptop into the same subnet as the ZD default
then you can get into the interface gui
then allocate a more meaningful static IP to the ZD (might have to reserve on your domain controller)
then ZD can be seen on your network
don't forget to put the laptop back onto dhcp (assumed) so that it also gets an IP that is both network and ZD visible.

If you are not network admin than some of this is going to be problematic.
Would need more info about your situation to be any more specific.

New Contributor II
Thanks but im a system engineer, what I want to know is do I connect the zonedirector controller to my laptop using Ethernet cable what?

Valued Contributor
default ip of the ZD is

so plug a network cable from laptop to switch and switch to ZD

change ip laptop to (for instance).

Now load a web browser with (remember to put the ZD IP into the proxy bypass settings) and connect to the ZD web GUI.

Rest is down to you.

Zone Director User Guide 9.9 p43 image attached...
with a slightly different setup approach but the basics are the same.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c41b135b77e2479686fa_cdf4f1bafda8b9d7c3c819a59003218c_RuckusinstallZD_inline-78ed6732-93cd-4be5-a8e3-0436fe8b6151-741332534.jpg1422889595

ok I will do it thanks ...let me try