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Clients not roaming correctly and disconnect

New Contributor II

I have a zd1200 with R610 access points.  We're running build 183.   We seem to have an issue in one spot of our warehouse where the as the clients move around will experience degraded wireless signal and eventually disconnect.   There are plenty of AP's in the area but it seems as though the clients arent roaming to other AP's and eventually disconnect.

Has anyone experienced this?


New Contributor II

Try active 802.11v, 802.11k protocols too and decrease Power for all Access Point to the same zone or group..

Thanks for the reply.  I went ahead and decreased power to -3dB.   Im not familiar with 802.11v or 802.11k,  

For my 2.4 network I only use channels 1,6,and 11.  Should I used more then that?

New Contributor II

u have a right width  1,6,11,... ur issue name its a STICKING CLIENT, so verify if u have active 802.11r, .11k, .11v !!

Hi Jeremy,

I hope a site survey was done before deploying the APs.

802.11r (Fast BSS roaming, FT roaming) and 11k are the part of WLAN settings. You can enable it from the WLAN settings.

For sticky client behavior, you can increase the BSS-minrate which is another setting under WLAN. Set it to 12Mbps and see if improve things.

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